Educational Consultations:  Review of educational testing documents and behavioral checklists to assess root academic issues, psychological and medical contributors and recommendations for further referrals.

SEARCH & TEACH: Early Intervention Program
SEARCH is a 30-40 minute screening test designed to identify students who may have difficulty acquiring the basic perceptual skills necessary for reading (age 5-7).
TEACH is the instructional plan personally designed for each child to help strengthen any weak areas that have been identified. Sessions are 30 minutes 2-3 times per week.

Interactive Metronome: Training in the area of timing, rhythm and movement to improve mental processing speed, control impulsivity, enhance brain synchrony and neuroplasticity.  This is a computer based program of movement by clapping and tapping to a rhythmic sequence over many repetitions.  Sessions are three times per week.

Continuous Performance Testing: Test of Variables of Attention (T.O.V.A):
A computerized, objective measure of attention and inhibitory control for ages 4 to 80+.  The T.O.V.A. objectively measures the key components of attention and self-control, variability (consistency), response time (speed), commissions (impulsivity), and omissions (focus and vigilance). There are two components, auditory and visual which are about 20 minutes each which are administered separately on different days.

Brain Mapping:  An assessment tool of acquiring EEG data in eyes open and eyes closed state. The data collected is then compared to a data base of “normal” EEG’s to identify areas in the brain that are “out of synch” or dysregulated and cause symptoms like ADD.  The brain map information is used to set up personalized protocols for Neurofeedback.

Biofeedback/Neurofeedback: Bringing individuals to a state of awareness concerning their physiology (respiration rate, heart rate, temperature, skin conductance, electrical muscle activity and brain wave states) and train them in their ability to self-regulate for better mind and body balance.  Biofeedback sessions are once a week and Neurofeedback is twice a week.

Professional BCIA Mentoring: For professional clinicians who are adding biofeedback and neurofeedback to their professional practice, on site mentoring is available for preparing for the BCIA board examination.